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Hot Dipped Galvanised Tube

These are steel tubes that are covered with a coating of zinc metal. The coating is offered during the procedure of galvanization. The process involves immersing steel in molten zinc for ensuring uniform and tough barrier. The hot dipped glavanised pipes and tubes are mainly used in structural and water supply applications. These pipes are not only budget-friendly but are highly resistant to corrosion. They can be handled very easily because of their light weight. There are many industries that have turned to these pipes because of their resistance to water, road and wind salts.

uPVC Conduit Pipes

Size ranges : CLASS – LIGHT & MEDIUM (20mm to 50mm)

Grade : L,M & H

Specification : IS-9537 (PART-3)/1983

Advantages :

Cost Effective

Inside surface is smooth ,so wires can be pulled in them very easily.

Light in weight

Resistant to chemical attack

High tensile & Impact strength

Long Life.

Corrosion resistant

Fire resistant

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