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Hollow Section

Morewell Tubes Pvt. Ltd. excels in the field of manufacturing high tensile and strong hollow section tubes and pipes that are widely used in different industries. The industries where hollow sections have rightly made a mark include machinery, automotive, furniture and construction. The hollow sections are available in different finishes, sizes and shapes. However, amongst the different hollow sections available, the rectangular and the square hollow sections tend to be high in demand. They are known for their ease of use and convenient handling for different applications.

uPVC Conduit Pipes

Size ranges : CLASS – LIGHT & MEDIUM (20mm to 50mm)

Grade : L,M & H

Specification : IS-9537 (PART-3)/1983

Advantages :

Cost Effective

Inside surface is smooth ,so wires can be pulled in them very easily.

Light in weight

Resistant to chemical attack

High tensile & Impact strength

Long Life.

Corrosion resistant

Fire resistant

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